Family Dentistry

If you're looking for a new dentist for yourself or your family, look no further. We offer highly skilled dentists and affordable, "gentle dental" care, individually tailored just for you. There's no reason why going to the dentist can't be a positive experience for young and old alike. If you're looking for no fear, no anxiety dentistry — Give us a call today at (403) 254-1124!

 Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is a very important part of maintaining a healthy smile. It's the routine cleaning of your the teeth, gums, and tongue according to recommended dental practices for healthy oral well-being. It helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and ensures a fresh smelling breath.

Some people lack confidence because of the appearance of their teeth, which affects their smile and also the impressions that they make on others. Proper dental hygiene can not only give you whiter teeth and a brighter smile, but it can be appearance-transforming and build up one's self-esteem. It can make others wish they had your bright and beautiful teeth and contagious, confident smile. Dental health can not only affect physical health, but mental health, too, which is vital for enjoying a happy life.

Our dental hygienists are specially trained in the prevention of periodontal (gum) disease and dental cavities. They will encourage the forming of good dental habits. They'll educate patients on the proper usage of toothbrushes, dental floss, inter-dental brushes, mouthwashes, sugar-free gum, etc. They can also discuss your diet and suggest ways to improve and maintain your oral health. They can offer advice on ways to help you quit smoking, a habit which has been proven to be not only detrimental to your teeth and gums, but your overall health.

Your hygienist will carefully examine and chart your teeth and gums noting in particular any inflammation, bleeding, swelling, and the presence of plaque and tartar. They will remove plaque and surface stains via gentle scraping, polishing and high-tech ultrasonic cleaners.

Regular visits to one of our dental hygienists will ensure your teeth stay stronger and healthier for longer.

 Preventative Care

Preventative care and good oral hygiene go hand-in-hand — Our dental team doesn't only look for teeth problems to fix, we take the time to work with you to prevent dental problems from happening in the first place.

Preventative care should always begin at the earliest age possible. Parents should take the lead by being an example for their children. Good dental hygiene can even be seen and enjoyed as a fun game for young children as they see their smiles while brushing and flossing. It's a proven fact that learning this at a young age will stay with children as they grow older.

Make a habit out of proper oral hygiene involving daily brushing and flossing. Make a habit of routine dental checkups, too. At Smiles Are Us, these checkups are stress-free, and gentle for patients of any age.

Ideally, you should visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. We will screen for oral cancer and also do a jaw joint and bite examination to make sure it is aligned properly, and to correct any problems right at the beginning. Preventative care gives the dentist the opportunity of catching any sign of gum and bone disease before it may become a problem. We will also check the tooth enamel to see if it is wearing down and, if needed, take steps to re-build it. We'll also look at any cosmetic issues that may exist. We can whiten your teeth, close gaps in them and also repair any chipped or broken teeth.

With routine preventative care and good oral hygiene, teeth will remain healthy for a very long time and any problems can be dealt with quickly by our dentists.

To schedule a dental appointment or for some proactive preventative care, call us at (403) 254-1124.

 Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth extractions are generally carried out as a last resort. Decay and gum disease are the two most common reasons for extracting teeth. Teeth may also need to be removed because of trauma caused by an accident or for orthodontic reasons.

A tooth, particularly a wisdom tooth, may have to be removed because it has become impacted and/or difficult to clean. If left untreated an impacted tooth can be painful due to infection. The pressure it puts on the teeth and jaws can lead to pain in other areas such as the head and neck.

All extractions are preceded by a careful examination of the patient's medical history and an x-ray to show the shape of the roots. Carefully placed anesthetic ensures that the removal of the tooth is as painless as possible.

 Emergency Dental Care

Sometimes untimely, unexpected dental emergencies can arise that require immediate treatment. Don't worry! You have somewhere to turn to — Don't grin and bear it when you don't need to. Our Smiles Are Us dentists can help you.

Serious pain or swelling in your mouth or on your face or neck can indicate an underlying dental infection or other more serious problem. You may need dental advice immediately, or may require prompt, emergency treatment.

Likewise, accident trauma which causes an injury to your mouth or teeth, should never be taken lightly. It's important to obtain the opinion of a dentist as soon as possible as some treatment may need to be carried out sooner than later.

Or perhaps your dental bridge or partial broke, or one of your crowns came loose and you've got an important meeting to be at the next day, and you have to have your teeth in place. Maybe you bit into the wrong thing and your tooth broke or filling broke off and the resultant sensitivity is causing more pain than you care to handle.

Whatever the sudden emergency, call the Smiles Are Us – Shawnessy Plaza Dental Clinic at (403) 254-1154. It's always better to be sure than sorry.

 Snore Appliances

Many people snore. Snoring often increases with age, too. Snoring results from the narrowing or partial closure of the passages at the back of your mouth and nose during sleep. This can lead to disturbed sleep for your partner and can be an early sign of sleep apnea for you. Don't revert to going off by yourself to sleep in your spare bedroom or on the couch so that you can catch more than just a few winks, while your snoring partner is snoring up a storm.

Our solution for snoring is the Sleepworks custom-made oral appliance. It's a small device, similar to an othodontic retainer or an athletic mouthguard. It is worn in the mouth during sleep to prevent the soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airway. It has been designed for maximum patient comfort. Whilst sleeping, it holds the lower jaw forward by as little as 2-3mm. This alleviates the pressure at the back of the throat to eliminate or reduce snoring.

Your dentist will discuss your suitability for this treatment. Although oral appliances do not work on everybody, a well-made, well-fitted one may reduce or eliminate snoring. Following diagnosis, impressions of your mouth will be taken and a Sleepworks oral appliance will be custom-made to accurately fit your mouth.