Why Choose Us?

What is it that makes one dental clinic more special than another? Why are some a pleasure to visit and others, not so much?
What is it that brings a smile to the face of our patients, young and old? Here's some of the reasons why our patients choose us —
It's the Smiles Are Us Difference:

The Smiles Are Us Difference

 The Latest in Dental Technology

Like any other industry, dentistry is continually changing. New dental techniques are being continuously refined and perfected. At Smiles Are Us, we keep abreast of innovative new dental techniques and practices, and the latest technologies and equipment. We are committed to providing our patients with the most up-to-date, industry leading, proven-effective treatments.

 The Highest Standards of Dental Practice

Our professional reputation is built not only on the high quality of our services, but it is equally important to us that you feel well taken care of when you visit us. We believe in the highest standards of dental practice and individual care. We place a high emphasis on patient education and we work with you to help you achieve the very best dental health. Additionally, we believe in honesty and integrity in all of our dealings with our patients and those we associate with in our Industry.

 Highly Trained Dental Professionals

As a patient, you need to have confidence that your dentist not only has the required qualifications, but more importantly, a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge. At Smiles Are Us, our dentists, hygienists, and our office staff are highly trained professionals of the highest calibre. They are some of the most dedicated, qualified and caring people in the Industry. We work together to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of dentistry and exceptional patient care.

For us, it's about more than just academics — Our team is comprised of passionate people who simply love what they do, and we believe that makes all the difference.

 Guaranteed Highest Quality Workmanship

We believe in "no-compromise" dentistry. However, we will never unnecessarily over-correct any dental problems or over-prescribe a treatment that is not totally necessary for you. We'll present you with all the options and whatever work we do for you should last for years into the future.

All dental treatment in our practice is guaranteed for 1 year and all laboratory-made restorations such as crowns, veneers, and bridgework, are guaranteed for 5 years. Certain conditions apply. You may contact us for more info. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the treatment, we will endeavour to resolve the issue even if it means re-doing it! We stand behind our work!

 We Listen — We Care — Personal Attention

We care about your dental needs. We treat all patients with the utmost respect and kindness. We take the time to answer all of your questions and to allay any fears you may have. Whether it's just a routine checkup or advanced cosmetic or restorative treatment you may require, we'll thoroughly discuss all the options with you. Without any pressure whatsoever, we'll explain the procedures and fees in advance, enabling you to make the most-informed decision about your dental health care.

Nor will we ever rush you out the door so that we can quickly get on to our next patient. We'd prefer to think of ourselves as partners in your dental health care. Everybody is quick to say they provide great service, but our dental practice is truly founded on it. All of our staff promise to treat you like you're family and friends. We promise to give you the kind of caring personal attention you deserve.

 Gentle Care & Comforting Environment

Even though it's not like it used to be years ago in dentistry, the reaction many people still have when thinking, looking, or getting ready to go to the dentist is fear. At Smiles Are Us, we do things differently — From your first step into our dental clinic you will receive courteous service, and a friendly smile will greet you. We even have a play area for young children.

We're a very down-to-earth Team. Ours is a warm, casual, relaxed, and fun clinic, and as our patients tell us, our caring staff and dentists are the same, too.

You may have had bad dental experiences in your past. We make it our mission to reduce your anxiety and any discomfort. We offer the most gentle dental care and a comforting environment that ensures your time with us is an enjoyable, NO fear/NO anxiety, positive experience. I dare say, we've changed many patients' past impressions about their visit to the dentist.

 Exceeding Your Expectations

Todays' culture seems to be more contented with merely "what's adequate enough to get by". But at Smiles Are Us, we don't believe in mediocrity — We believe in excellence! And that means in our performance of services and our courteous service to our patients. We promise to do all that we're able to, to exceed your expectations. We will look for ways to provide you with the best treatment and best value for the most affordable cost. We steadfastly stay on the path to constant and never-ending improvement and innovation within our clinic.

 No Surprises

At Smiles Are Us, there's no hidden surprises that you're going to suddenly be faced with. If there's ever any potential additional charges, you will always be made aware of them upfront before any treatment is begun. You will be given a detailed treatment plan, identifying any treatment required and all costs fully explained.

 Flexible Payment Options & Direct Insurance Billing

We work with you to best meet your needs and budget. We offer the flexibility of short-term, no-interest payment options to cover the cost of your dental treatment, if needed. We accept all dental insurances. Our staff would be happy to discuss any individual requirements with you.

 Great Hours — Great Location — Ample Parking

We appreciate that many of our patients are busy during the normal working day. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, we offer early morning appointments as well as early evening hours. Appointments can also be made during lunch hour for your convenience.

As to our location — it's very easy to find us, whether by car, C-train, or by bus. We're just off of Macleod Trail SW and Shawnessy Blvd SW, and close to the Shawnessy LRT Station.

Parking is never a problem — There's ample parking within our Shawnessy Plaza as well on the street in front of us.